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Annual GAPNA ARGEC Conference 2014 Multidisciplinary Approaches Across the Palliative Care Continuum

Keynote Speaker:
Linda Emanuel, MD, PHD

"The Quiet Revolution of Palliative Care"

Highlighted Speaker:

James Mittelberger, MD, MPH, CMD, FACP

"The ROI of Palliative Care"(Better Care, No Increasing Cost)

Breakout Session 1 Speakers:

Debbie A. Gunter RN, MN, FNP, ACHPN:

"Managing Distressing Symptoms Near the End of Life"

Mary Margaret Oliver, JD:

Guardianship in Georgia

Breakout Session 2 Speakers:

David Vance, PhD, MS, MGS:

HIV and Successful Aging? They are More Compatible than you Think!

Richard Cohen, MD:

Next Steps for POLST in Georgia

Closing Speaker:

Dr. Tammie E. Quest, MD

"Ensuring Communication of Healthcare Wishes"