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Be an ARGEC Learner

The Atlanta Regional Geriatric Education Center is supported via a cooperative agreement with the Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). As part of this agreement, all GEC’s are mandated to collect demographic information on learners and participants in any/all educational and training activities. The demographic information collected is reported to HRSA annually as aggregate data; no personal information is shared with the agency. HRSA then uses information from the national GEC network to inform congress and various appropriations committees on the success of GEC’s in providing education to various socio-economic, cultural, racial, and geographic groups.  

Your information will be kept confidential and secure by ARGEC administration. Completion of the form is not mandatory to attend live workshops or participate in web-based training, though we would appreciate it!  Please note the option to be included on our email list for reminders and updates on ARGEC activities – you will ONLY be added to our mailing list if you check this box. 

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