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Home Environment

For those patients who are returning home, the physical environment needs to be examined to determine whether the home is safe for the older adults.  Oftentimes, some modifications are necessary to accommodate the changes in functional abilities of the older adults.  Physical changes such as decreased mobility, increased fatigue, lower levels of vision or hearing can impair the ability to get around safely in the environment.  In addition, the effects of medications may also create risks for the older adult.  Resources in this section will assist in identifying risk situation within the home. In addition, this information will address ways to make the home environment safer for the older adult who is experiencing some health and functioning challenges. Because emergency situations are especially difficult for those who have some disabling conditions, resources to help with planning for a crisis situation are also provided.

Fall Risk Assessments for Older Adults

Home Safety Strategies for Fall Prevention

Audio Educational Information and Tips

Home Assessment Checklist

Toolkit & Article for Fall Prevention

Planning for Emergency Situations

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