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Legislation, Policy, and Community Planning

Our health is determined in large part by policy and legislation that dictates access, affordability, and quality of care.  As a seniors, caregivers, and concerned citizens, it is important that we are knowledgeable about upcoming legislation which may impact healthcare services, are aware of upcoming referenda that impact our community, and are well informed voters in the poll-booths. Please check this site regularly for updates on local, regional, statewide and national policy and legislative issues and opportunities to let your voice be heard!  

July 31, 2012: Please be sure to hit the polls for the T-SPOLST , or Transportation Investment Act!! Citizens in metro-Atlanta will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum that would fund $8.5 billion in transportation improvements through a regional one percent sales tax, to include a transportation management center which targets older adults and adults with disabilities in need of transportation services and coordination, among many other initiatives.